Online programs are available through the Driven By Fitness app for motivated individuals who are looking for a fitness program that meets their goals. Programs are custom designed for each client. To get started you will want to become a member. Once you become a member you will have access to so many app features. Once set up you can choose to add custom programs, single purchase programs or join one of our fitness challenges. There are special rates for family members.  Whichever plan you choose to go with, it will also include accountability check-ins, progress tracking, diet & nutrition tracking all through our easy to use app. You can earn badges when you hit your personal bests and are encouraged to share your success though your social media.

Meet your Goals

With the Driven By Fitness app you can track:​


  • Calories

  • Measurements

  • Weight

  • Body fat %

  • Before & after photos

  • Goals

  • Custom workouts

  • Cardio

  • Steps


goals-stats image.png
mobile-workout image.png

Your trainer will create a custom exercise program to fit your goals, time available and equipment you have at home or at your gym. Your trainer will be notified when you've completed your workout for the day and is able to track your progress as you go to help you stay on track. You will even be able to rate your workout and let him know if it was too easy or hard so your next workout can be even better.


“I lost 3 inches on my waistline in my first month!! I absolutely love the Driven By Fitness app! I can easily see my workouts, watch videos on how to do specific exercises and track my progress. I also can give specific feedback on my workouts and Roy can modify and track my progress as I need. I also love being able to look at the graphs and see my progress each week."

J.M. - Everett WA



99 + Tax

Membership includes:

  • Track your calories & food by linking MyFitness Pal app

  • Input your measurements

  • Track  you weight

  • Track your body fat %

  • Save your before & after photos

  • Set goals

  • Track your steps when you link your Apple watch or Fitbit

  • Access to DBF single purchase workouts - additional price listed below

  • Access to DBF programs designed custom for you - additional price below

Add additional family members to your plan - $5 more to a second family member or $10 more to add the whole household!




DBF Platinum.png

The Platinum plan includes a 3 day a week customized weight training program. This package is billed monthly and clients will receive a new program monthly.  




DBF Gold.png

The Gold plan includes a 2 day a week customized weight training program. This package is billed monthly and clients will receive a new program monthly.  




DBF Silver.png

The Silver plan includes a 1 day a week customized weight training program. This package is billed monthly and clients will receive a new program monthly.